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The links below will lead you to a series of video articles regarding Amys disappearance, the discovery of her body and the ultimate arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her murder, Steven H. Mullins. I have tried to list the articles in order of relevance.

I have included some of the video footage that was shot before, during and after the discovery of Amys body. For us, as a family it's very difficult to watch. However, what has happened to Amy and to our family is a reality that we and others must face. Unfortunately it's a sad, tragic reality and ending to a life cut short by a coward who was too weak to except the fact that the woman he loved no longer wanted to be with him. After giving him every chance in the world to straighten up his life and to stop making hers so miserable, Amy said "enough" and she left.

She was strong enough to leave, and attempted to make a new life for herself and for her daughter.

He, was a weak, pathetic excuse for a human being who wasn't strong enough to let her go.

Men, stop killing your wives. If you can't stand life without her, kill yourself. Stop killing our families!

The following videos were uploaded to Google to facilitate faster download times. I had originally included the videos on Amy's web site, however the download times for some users was exceeding 8 minutes. Therefore I have posted them here in hopes of speeding up download times for those visitors who would like to view the video. These clips will not be included in the Google Video Search. If you would like to return to the videos, please book mark this page as a reference.

The following videos are copies taken from streaming clips that were posted to the Internet. Unfortunately, the quality of the videos are not as clear as the originals.


Breaking News, July 23rd, 2007. Amy's disappearance is carried on the 5:00 o'clock. The following video is courtesy of KOMO 4 News.

Family Discovers Amy's Body. Video is courtesy of KOMO 4 News.

Additional footage of the discovery of Amy's Body. Video is courtesy of The Olympian.

(The audio on this video is very weak, turning your sound nearly all the way up will correct this).

Video Courtesy of

Click the player on the web page to view the video

Arraignment, News Conference, Family Speaks out. - Video is courtesy of KIRO 7 News.

Additional footage from the Arraignment - Amy's daughter speaks to the media. Video is courtesy of KOMO 4 News.


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