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Forever in our hearts.....

Our Daughter, Sister, Mother....Amy...

Amy (resident of Rochester, WA) had been missing since approximately 9:30 am on Saturday, 7/21/07. Because of the mysterious circumstances involving her disappearance Law Enforcement waived the 24 hour waiting period generally required for a missing adult, and immediately launched an investigation into her disappearance.

Amy's vehicle was found next to her house, keys in the ignition, her dog was in the car, her purse was on the seat (nothing missing), a warm cup of coffee in the console, and the drivers side door open. A neighbor found the vehicle in this condition and immediately called 911. On Saturday, July 21st a search and rescue team was assembled at her home. Volunteers searched on foot, and a heat seeking plane was brought in to assist in the search. Two, scent trained, blood hounds were also involved in the search but turned up nothing.

Amy had planned to spend the day with a friend. She was apparently loading her car to leave and was never seen by friends and family alive again.

On Monday, July 23rd, friends and family organized a search party of their own and found Amy's body near the back of the property where she had previously lived with her estranged husband. After the discovery of Amy's body, her estranged husband, Steven H. Mullins was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder.

On November 6th, 2008 the estranged husband of Amy, Steve Mullins was convicted of First Degree Murder. On December 12th, 2008 he was sentenced to Federal Prison for 26 years, 8 months, the maximum sentence allowed by the State of Washington.

If you would like to send a personal message to the family of Amy you may contact them at

A special thank you to Wal-Mart of Chehalis, WA, Staples of Chehalis, WA, and Tumwater Rentals of Tumwater, WA for their contribution of donated items which assisted us in our search for Amy, as well as the donated items they supplied to us for her memorial.

We would like to take this time to thank all of the people far and wide who have offered their support, prayers, concern and kind words to our family. People who were once strangers have made personal calls to my family, left messages of support and sent emails sharing their own personal stories and offering words of encouragement. Words can never begin to describe how much your support has meant to us.


From the Family of Amy...Thank You.




Please light a candle in her memory.



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