Victim Impact Statements from the Family.


The following are victim impact statements read in open court or delivered to Judge Anne Hirsch prior to the sentencing of Steven H. Mullins.

Over the past year many people have emailed our family asking "How are you doing"? As the author of this website and on behalf of my family, I have always answered as best I could.

In light of that, I don't think I'll ever be able to truly put into words the devasation that we still feel each and every day. As an avid "true crime buff", I have read about missing people, murdered people, and stories like the one that happened to our family for the past ten years. I always imagined how it must feel for the families of Laci Peterson, or Chandra Levy, or Carol and Juli Sund, and so many others. It's an awful realization that the families I just listed, the Petersons, the Levy's and the Sunds, all resided in or around Modesto California. The very city that my family has lived in for the majority of our adult lives. Never in my life would I have ever imagined putting our family into that same category.

Before Amy went missing I thought I knew how they could be feeling, I thought I could imagine their pain, their suffering, their anguish, their anger, their sadness, their despair, and the depression that they might be feeling. But, in reality...I had no idea.

The best way I can describe it to people who have never had the tragic misfortune of experiencing such a fate is to imagine the worst emotional pain that you've ever experienced in your life, and then multiply it by a thousand. It's a pain that never goes away. There is no closure as we so often hear. There is no, "moving on"...there is nothing,...and I mean absolutely nothing that makes you feel better. They say "Time heals all wounds", ..but I have to disagree. The only thing time has done for our family is to move the tragic loss of Amy further away. It hasn't made it better.

With that said, there are members of our family who would like to share what they wrote to the court for the sentencing of Steven H. Mullins, the person who is responsible for all of this devastation. Regretfully, I have not yet personally been able to put into words how losing Amy has affected me. I hope that in time, I too can sit down, and find the words that others in my family have been able to express.

Please check back for updates to this page as I have not yet received all of the victims impact statements.

Sundi J. Bloomer - Author of
Sister of Amy Detmar (Mullins)

Victims Impact Statement from Staci Bloomer, sister of Amy Mullins.

Hello Your Honor,

My name is Staci Bloomer and I am the sister of Amy May Mullins. I don't like to use that last name when referring to her. She was, is and will forever be a beautiful woman who is missed by so many! Amy touched the lives of each and every person she met. Be it a lifetime friend or a stranger in line at Wal-Mart.

I don't want to be sad when I think of Amy, right now it is hard to get the images of what Steve Mullins did to her out of my mind. I hope that in time I am able to remember the good times I had with my sister without having to blink those images away first. I lay awake at night thinking about what to write in this letter. Sometimes the letter is angry, sometimes it's sorrowful, and sometimes it makes me smile to remember her. But there is one common denominator, it is always painful! There is no way that one can prepare themselves for this. Most believe that it will never happen to them. I was one of those people until Steve Mullins murdered my sister.

I am not sure what is best to write in this letter to convince you to give Steve the maximum sentence. So, I am just going to ask you. Please consider our family. My parents, who will never be able to forget the image of their daughter's broken body laying cold in a refrigerator. Kailyce, she will never again hear her mother's voice. My son, who didn't get a chance to meet Aunt Amy and countless others who Amy touched in one way or another. Steve Mullins decided to take my sisters life. He thought it out, planned it, and even warned her. The coward snuck up behind her, struck her and took her last breath. It made me sick to hear the testimony in court that he had to apply 3 to 5 minutes of constant pressure on Amy's neck in order to kill her. But that wasn't enough for him, he had to beat her, break her ribs and then lie about her in court knowing she was unable to defend herself.

Respectfully Your Honor, 27 years is not long enough. He sat in your courtroom, unmoved by the pictures of my sister's beaten body. Is this the reaction of a man in love with the woman in those pictures? Did he show an ounce of remorse? He has abused and intimidated women before and obviously believes that he is above or smarter than the law. He gave Amy a death sentence. Unfortunately there are laws that protect his life and because he is not eligible for the death penalty, he becomes someone else's problem.

I thought that there would be a time during the sentencing that I would be able to tell Steve exactly what I think of him. I was wrong. In a way that is a good thing because I do not want to waste any more energy worrying, talking or even thinking about what a waste of flesh he is. In fact, after the sentencing, he no longer exists to me.

In closing Your Honor, I implore you to impose the maximum sentence on Steve Mullins. Steve's jail records prove that he has no respect for authority and his demeanor in court proved that he has no remorse for what he did to my sister. Our family has to spend the rest of our lives with the reality that Amy is gone. Let Steve spend the next 27 years in prison watching over his shoulder every day, wondering if it could be his last.

Thank you for your consideration.

Victims Impact Statement from Leighana Wood, step daughter of Amy Mullins.

My name is Leighana Mullins-Wood. I am the biological daughter of Steven Mullins. And for 20 of my 24 years, Amy was my mom. MyAmy. I stand before you today with a shattered heart, but in the strength that MyAmy instilled in me.

MyAmy was the greatest person. She was not a perfect person, and never claimed to be, but you always new where she stood. What was right. What she believed. MyAmy would loudly tell you how stupid what you just did was, but never how stupid you were. Not a single person that knew her wondered if Amy loved them. She would always tell you. MyAmy believed in speaking kindly. MyAmy believed in helping others, in rooting for the underdog, and drinking out of a mason jar. MyAmy was the greatest person. And there will Always be an Amy sized whole in my heart, in my life. I am ashamed to say that the reason I have to live without her, the reason my children will never know their Nanna, the reason my baby sister lost her home and her mom, lies in the hands of my father.

I stand before you today, a broken person, who has lost every sense of normality. A person who grieves the loss of Amy, not only for myself, but for my unborn children, and for the world that has no idea what a wonderful person they are missing. I stand before you today and beg you to bestow the harshest available sentence to the murderer, the coward, who stole not only the life of Amy, but the normalcy, and peace, and stability, and sanity, the ability to sleep, of an entire family, and community.

Steven Mullins showed no grace or mercy as he brutally beat and murdered MyAmy. He showed no grace or mercy as he dragged her broken, bruised, lifeless body across the field. He showed no grace or mercy as he threw my mom in the GARBAGE. He showed no grace or mercy as he allowed his family to worry and search for days, only to find her stuffed in a refrigerator. He showed no grace or mercy as he after confessing drug his children, his family through a traumatizing trial. He showed no grace or mercy as he lied under oath. He showed no grace or mercy, but far worse than that, no shows no remorse.

I had never in my life hated a person, until the day I sat in a courtroom a few feet from this disgusting person I used to call Dad, and watched him sit emotionless as we saw and heard the horrifying and brutal way in which he murdered MyAmy, and then essentially threw her in the garbage. He sat there showing no remorse, showing no sadness or grief, emotionless, as though he were watching a boring movie. At that moment, as I physically felt hatred in my soul for him, he ceased to be my dad.

The only punishment I can implement is removing myself from his life. From this day forward, he will not know me. He will not see me. He will not know if I get married, or have children. He will not know where I am living, or if I am well. He will never hear my voice, or be called my father. I will no longer use his name as my own. But its not enough. Removing me from his life, or him from mine does not give us Amy back.

Steven Mullins does not deserve to be shown ANY grace or mercy. 26 years is not enough. It does not bring Amy back. It does not give us back the 18 months of our lives we all have lost. 26 years is not enough, but its all we get. Please don’t lessen it.

Leighana Wood

Victims Impact Statement from Wayne R. Detmar, Amy's Father.

My name is Wayne Detmar, I am Amy’s father.

Your Honor, it was Christmas day 1968 when Amy came into this world, and from that day until the day the defendant killed and stuffed our Amy into that refrigerator she brought joy to all she met.

I will use Amy’s words…what this “half of a man” has done is ruined many lives. Not only those of Amy’s family, but also his own family members, turning one against the other.

So the loss of Amy will be felt by not only family members on both sides, but the countless young people she has mothered and helped over the years. Many of them are here today. In Amy’s world it didn’t matter who you were, if you were in need of shelter, or just some comfort, she was the one that would be a friend to all she met.

We already know what this half of a man has done. We also know, as he did then, that if he would have faced Amy one on one, she would have whooped his Ass. So he took a shovel and hit her from behind. After she was down he put the boots to her, breaking her ribs. Then he sat on her chest and arms. Then, in his words; he placed his hands around her neck until she turned blue.

Yes, this half a man killed our Amy. Let’s not forget Amy’s daughter, Kaylice a 16 year old girl that will not have a Mom to buy her a dress her for the prom, talk to her about boys, tuck her in at night, and tell her “I love you baby girl.”

Your Honor, there was a time I treated this man as a son, but that time in my heart is gone. Less than one hour before we found Amy, I met with Steve the defendant. He looked me in the eye and said “I did not do this”. I wanted to believe him, but his actions told me different. A short time later, as we started the search of the defendant’s property, his own brother told me where Steve had placed Amy’s body. No, not go look in the refrigerator, but he told me we needed to look beyond the property line, we needed to look over there and pointed in the direction of the school property.

This half a man to this day has shown no remorse. He sat emotionless in this court room as photos were flashed on the screen of Amy’s broken body when it was found. Later when the very graphic autopsy pictures were shown, he acted as if this courtroom was a Biology class.

You’re Honor, this is the man that wrote letters and set in this court and said how much he loved her and that he had never hurt her, yet he showed no emotion at all. This is because Amy was not the love of his life, she was his possession, like one of his cars, and when she said she was moving on he said to himself “Oh no, you’re not” and then he brutally took her life.

This half a man has caused pain for so many. In the Old Testament of the Bible it says an eye for an eye. However, in the New Testament it says to obey the laws of the land. Unfortunately, the Old Testament law cannot be applied today. Therefore, it is up to you, Your Honor, to place judgment upon him. I ask that you consider all the pain and loss Steve has caused and sentence him to the maximum time available plus 1 day.

Thank you,

Wayne Detmar

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